Contact Manager
Need a DB for List and group management? Contact Manager is the solution

Contact Manager for Track & Trace allows for any company to sort online and in a DB their various targeted customer segments. No need for engineering support, change group and sub-groups names and create new groups and sub-groups on the fly. Use the list extractor to granularise your lists and post them to Track & Trace for usage.


Contact Manager is an online database management system which enables the addition of automated customer registration functionality to your operations.

The system allows the creation of web-based forms for opt-in mailing lists, or product, service, as well as manual input and editing of customer data by internal or remotely-located staff.

By adding automated Contact Manager capabilities to your business, you'll expand your customer base more quickly and more efficiently convert your marketing investments into closed sales.

  • Add customers email details automatically or via GUI
  • Create Groups and sub-groups and rename in the DB
  • Create lists for users by all defined fields
  • Allows for auto update of lists for distribution
  • Administrator export and import from other sources
  • Allow subscribe and unsubscribe for customers
  • Allow automatically opt-out for bounced recipients
  • Search and sort for customers easily with powerful tools