Event Manager
Need your branded site to host and manage multiple or one-off events?

A Cloud-based enterprise event management tool designed for event planners. Designed to host a single event or multiple events, our application integrates seamlessly with your website in a secure and intuitive way. Keeping track of attendees and managing the notification is done easily with integration to Track & Trace and our Contact Manager Tools.


EventTT allows you to manage several different events simultaneously, each using a different template with full ability to have multiple page and notifications going to a users Outlook, Google, or iCal for easy calendar insertion.

Once you have uploaded your templates and designs, event creation and event editiing is all done using a password protected browser interface.

Use a single-page sign up or guide your registrants through the sign up process via a paged process. All sign ups are processed using secure SSL technology and hosted in enterprise hosting facilities.

  • Web-based
  • Single or multi-event with full website integration capabilities
  • Full corporate design capabilities
  • Manage Registrants live online or download into excel
  • Send reminders via Track & Trace using branded email templates
  • Easy to use form editor
  • Highly secure robust solution
  • Pay online events, at the door or via bank transfer