Email Solutions

Millbara provides an enterprise email platform for insurance companies to communicate effectively and securely with their customers electronically. Using the most secure and redundant solutions is a must for any insurance company, and with a hosting centre in Hong Kong, and being situated in an enterprise hosting centre in Hong Kong, the services are ideally situated in Asia. The insurance solution is specially designed to fulfill different divisional requirements within an insurance company, allowing a diverse range of insurance needs to be fulfilled within one service.

Insurance notificaiton

New policies, financial plans, fund details
Certificate of Insurance
Claim forms
Claim approvals
Payment reminders


Seminar invitiations
Agency annual events
Press releases
Features and Benefits
  • High volume & high speed processing
  • Provide tracking features on Who received What & When
  • Provide audited approval process for email distributions
  • Provide graphical delivery reports
  • Provide customer database hosting & management
  • Secured document delivery with password protection
  • Reduce operational, storage, printing & mail costs
  • Support Transactional confirmations (Case Study 1)
  • Support web & Outlook email submission (Case Study 2)

Solution 1 - Track & Trace (T&T)

Track & Trace email web solution allows the insurance claim division to send claim approval emails to clients. Track & Trace features enable the claim division to monitor if the client has recieved and read the approval email, if not, a follow up action can be taken immediately to notify the client. This solution enables insurance company to respond quickly in a post disaster situation, protecting clients' health and ensuring tracking and follow up is done efficiently.

Solution 2 - second level of authorization

By using Track & Trace, the client is enabled via the email web solution to insert a second approval step prior to email distribution. The claim department manager can be set to audit:

1) Review claim approval emails which are prepared by claims officer

2) Approve to send out verified emails OR

3) Reject to the email sending

Support & Security
  • Physical security: Millbara's equipment and customer data is housed in high security, enterprise class data centre in Hong Kong.
  • Transmission security: SSL encryption is used for all interface communications. Use the "ekakitome" service for enhanced lockdown facilities.
  • Independent verification: Use Track &Trace to verify opt-in/out, storage, sending history, and bounce & error processing for compliance purposes.
  • Limit interception: No third party mail servers are used for mail transmission. Email travels directly from Millbara's infrastructure to the subscribers mail environment.
  • Data privacy: Prevent in-house mismanagement of email addresses and related private information.