Password protected Links
Internal compliance requirements? Or just double-checking

Track & Trace cloud service application allows you to create a simple two step workflow to ensure your emails are read and vetted by another team-member. Compliance is ensured via permanent “approvers’ with history of who approved and when the email was sent.


Track & Trace can help you identify what messages are working and what messages are not as effective. Our results tracking can be segmented for resending and the effectiveness of your mailing distributions and campaigns. We ease your administration labor and costs.

Because Track & Trace is an ASP solution, everything is ready-to-run from the moment you login, with nothing to install on your own hardware and no need for dedicated IT support staff. The cost of the system itself is truly the only amount you spend.

Track & Trace is designed for high dependability. The system is fully-managed by our support team in an enterprise-class hosting centre with a high capacity, redundant and secure network. Track & Trace is trusted by some of the most demanding financial institutions in the world.

  • Highly granular-works with one to one or one to many
  • All receivers and email links receive unique passwords
  • Decide when your email links expire
  • Send via Outlook or from your browser
  • Cloud service supported in enterprise hosting facilities in Asia
  • Forgotten passwords can be reissued automatically of via your request.
  • We focus on Asia and provide multilingual password pages